Intuitive eDiscovery software for better legal case management

Lexiti eDiscovery tools help legal professionals manage cases more efficiently and securely, ensuring streamlined processes and successful outcomes.

  • Organise eDiscovery data, construct narratives, and facilitate court bundle exports
  • Improve legal document analysis with AI-assisted concept search
  • Establish secure eDiscovery workspaces, and manage legal documents efficiently
Lexiti platform with expedite early case assessment and improve accuracy
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Set up secure eDiscovery workspaces

Set up secure workspaces to manage all documents surrounding your matter. Bulk upload, deduplicate, convert files to PDF and apply OCR to make documents - including emails and other complex formats - fully searchable.

Lexiti dashboard with bulk upload and PDF conversion
Lexiti search results and relevancy score

Efficiently review and find important documents faster

Review documents by using system-extracted metadata and Lexiti’s quick-viewing document window, or use  AI-assisted concept search and document summarisation to review at speed. Begin tagging, annotating and arranging documents of importance, whilst redacting sensitive information. 

Organise key information and export with ease

Begin building folder structures for eDiscovery material, constructing narratives from document extracts, or export documents into Lexiti’s built-in court bundle tool. Send directly and securely to external parties. 

Lexiti bank grade security infrastructure

"Professional, prompt, open and clearly highly skilled. Not only a fantastic solution but a technical support network around it that truly makes it stand out"

Adam Jeffries

CIO, JTC plc

"So easy to use that a lawyer can learn it in about 15 minutes, the 'just in time' cloud technology model means even small firms can deploy tech that would normally be only available to the big players."

Patrick Ng

InPlace Solutions

Feature overview Lexiti eDiscovery

eDiscovery pricing should be transparent, consistent and fitting for the size and phase of your matter. Our straightforward, competitive and entirely consumption based per-GB pricing includes an extensive suite of features with no added costs for processing fees and other common hidden add-ons.





Data Expansion

Data Hosting

Unlimited tags

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Productions

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Early Case Assessment

Early Case Assessments focus on assessing data sets within a case to evaluate the risks and benefits of proceeding with litigation.

Download our handy checklist to help you better structure your strategy during an Early Case Assessment.

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